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For me, I now write books about transitioning thorough loss, empowering people to come out of a difficult experience and equipping them to live life more fully than before.

You may not be a writer but you have a story just waiting to be told.

My books not only tell my story, they also share real life stories of other people. I write books so that people will say, “Yes, that is what I’m feeling too. That resonates with me. I can use that principle in my situation as well.”

Many people have been helped by the tools that I offer in these books.


Have you ever felt that something was blocking you from transitioning well through a loss? Everyone has a story. And everyone has a loss history. Person to Person counseling from someone who has the experience helps you to have a look at your own loss narrative, exploring it through insightful questions that are designed to help you uncover roadblocks to transition. This one-on-one counseling helps you discover patterns that are holding you back from living fully in your post-loss scenario.

Work with Rick


Hire me as your personal coach and maximize your experience. You have many gifts and strengths to offer. Perhaps you are exceptional with people, are very organized or are a visionary. A personalized Coaching program takes inventory of your strengths and capitalizes on them. When you are grieving, you may already feel that life is against you. Working from the place of your strengths allows you to maximize what you already have. Using a series of diagnostic tools, together we build a profile of your gifts and preferences that will help you to discover what you need most as a person experiencing loss. This step reveals what is most important in helping you move forward as you establish healthy boundaries and patterns in your day-to-day life.

Work with Rick


I love speaking. I love telling stories. I love connecting with people. But mostly I love it when I can take difficult subjects and provide valuable insights that will change people’s lives. The value of my speaking only has merit if there are on-going positive outcomes. Ideas are worth nothing unless integrated, implemented and sustained as new patterns of behavior. Is there something in your life that you would like to change?

  • Looking to become a more effective sales person?
  • Looking to change your corporate culture?
  • Looking for practical and useful information that can help you in your grief journey?
  • Looking for the right words and actions to help a friend who is experiencing grief?
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Work with Rick


As a workshop leader, Rick educates and equip individuals and organizations to better engage each other by help them understanding their unique loss preferences and how they might impact one another and the large organization.

Online seminars and courses will soon be offered to meet the needs of those desiring my expertise and information.

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