“What’s Next?”

An Easter Hope


I like bunnies and chocolate eggs. It’s fun to watch the grandkids go on their Easter egg hunts. It’s wonderful to spend time with family during the holiday season.

We are doing this once again on Easter weekend.

Someday my family will not have me at their Easter weekend celebration, and I will want them to remember something much different. Of course, I hope they still do the chocolate bunnies and Easter eggs. It’s fun – just like Santa Claus at Christmas. But chocolate bunnies and Santa Claus always get tucked away for the year and pulled out briefly the following year for a time. I hope that these holidays will bring something deeper to their hearts.

Personally, I need hope running through my life and veins every day. I believe that people need hope each and every day.

God is always about what’s next. As a believer in the message of the empty cross, I am still amazed by the gift of Easter that allows me to believe in hope because of an event that happened over 2000 years ago – the death and resurrection of Jesus.

I get to do Easter forever, even after I die.  And my family can rest in this message every time they come to this weekend when I am no longer physically present in their lives.

That’s my Easter hope.

I feel secure in the “What’s next?”

…So bring on the chocolate!


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