Until Death Do Us Part

What a Life

My mother-in-law died this week. She was the mother of my first wife, Pam, who died almost 10 years ago now.

I’m feeling for Dad especially right now, her husband, as I recall my own grief following the death of my first wife. I remember how hard it was for me to even think about a life without Pam. I’m sure it will be hard for Dad too.

I was married to Pam for almost 25 years. Dad was married to Mom for well over 50 years. Twice as long. What a life they had together.

I remember our vows: “…until death do us part”. That is true for Dad today too.

What I will remember most about Mom is her relationship to Dad and the wonderful marriage they shared together, their faithfulness to each other and their dependence upon God.

As mom became sicker because of her illness, the visits we had with her and Dad were more and more inspirational – their love for each other and their faith in God was so beautiful and radiated out of them both.

“Ken is so good to me,” she would say.  “God is so good to us,” she would continue.

It’s amazing for me to think that Jesus in whom they both firmly trusted, once said in his last breath, “It is finished.”

Was Jesus thinking only about himself when he said that? Not really. The bigger story emerges as we see that Jesus defeated death with his resurrection. We’re offered this same gift when life on this earth is finished because of him.

Until death. Until we open our eyes afresh to new life.

What a gift from God.

What a new life!




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