Something happens when you put them on your feet

Okay, they’re not really magic..

But I want to believe that they connect me to something beyond myself for a moment.  And maybe in some way they do.

That’s the significance of symbols. They have a special way of bringing us closer. A memory is usually attached to an experience and then to a person who is important to us.

My mother-in-law gave some slippers to my wife, Erica, a few months ago. They fit her perfectly. Mom didn’t need them anymore.

Then Mom died in October.

We shared precious time together as a family following her death and told the stories that connected us to her. Mom impacted each of our lives greatly.

We honored her at her funeral. We pointed to Jesus as our hope and peace. That was the most important thing for Mom.

When we returned home, there, sitting on the stool in our room, were the slippers she had given Erica. For a moment as I looked at them, they seemed to come alive. I could hear Mom’s infectious laugh, see her broad smile and feel her warm hugs again,

It brought me closer to her for those few moments and it felt good. I love her so much and miss her deeply.

I have a few other items that remind me of Mom. I’m going to hold them close to my heart until that time that we meet again.



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