speakingI love speaking. I love telling stories. I love connecting with people. But mostly I love it when I can take difficult subjects and provide valuable insights that will change people’s lives. The value of my speaking only has merit if there are on-going positive outcomes. Ideas are worth nothing unless integrated, implemented and sustained as new patterns of behavior. Is there something in your life that you would like to change?

  • Looking to become a more effective sales person?
  • Looking to change your corporate culture?
  • Looking for practical and useful information that can help you in your grief journey?
  • Looking for the right words and actions to help a friend who is experiencing grief?

Loss comes in so many forms…and so many organizations are filled with people who are uncomfortable with the after effects of loss. We feel anxious at the idea of starting a conversation with the one who has experienced loss and we often don’t know what to say. Begin to fill in your “loss toolbox” with valuable methods, techniques and information through Rick Bergh’s speaking engagements.

  • The true cost of not taking serious loss issues in your corporate culture
  • Finding your loss sweet spot. Know why it needs to become a crucial part of your corporate identity
  • What you should know about loss before you engage a co-worker in conversation
  • Did you know that a loss-friendly organization saves you money and adds dollars to your bottom line? Here’s how…
  • 7 reasons to take loss serious in your company culture.
  • What to do when a co-worker tells you his kid just died
  • How lack of compassion hurts your corporate team
  • Common traps for grieving survivors
  • Discover the loss survivor in you and win every time
  • A grieving survivor’s guide to entering back into work productively
  • The hidden advantage of transitional Loss
  • Your first words to a grieving person – what to say and why
  • Understanding death, dying and grief in a multi-cultural work environment
  • Why people grieve differently.

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