Finding Anchors

How to bring stability to your life following a cancer diagnosis.

It’s raw, it’s real and it’s brave! If there is one book to give your family or friends following a cancer diagnosis, this is it. Rick Bergh shares the principles he has studied, taught and lived out for more than 30 years in this practical, inspiring and hopeful guide that will help anyone stabilize their life following a cancer diagnosis.

finding-anchorsFinding Anchors will teach you how to:

  • Reduce your anxiety
  • Tackle daily challenges
  • Move forward in confidence
  • Continue to live your life in a meaningful and new way.

Far beyond a collection of good ideas, this book lays out 17 tried-and-true principles from hundreds of people, including Rick’s own personal journey with his wife and four children. They courageously found ways to face their mom’s cancer diagnosis while inspiring friends and family to join them on this significant journey.

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There could not be a more appropriate title to Rick’s …

There could not be a more appropriate title to Rick’s book, ‘Finding Anchors.’ The truth is that whether it is illness or some other tragedy, everyone will eventually be faced with circumstances that speak to our mortality. Death is something that none of us can avoid … and death is not a friend … it’s real and it’s harsh. But yet, there’s real hope to be had and Rick has thoughtfully and discerningly put before his readers identifiable markers for ‘Finding Anchors’ that will bring the broken-hearted to the other side where there is healing and renewal. ‘Finding Anchors’ is the discovery that illness and death will never have the final say. Thank you, Rick. ~ Amazon Customer

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