Dying Is Not the End of Life

If you can count on what’s next!

Dying is hard because of relationships.

Some saying dying is hard because of physical suffering. While I have not personally experienced physical suffering in dying, I have experienced the inner angst that comes from the inevitability of no longer being in relationship with someone whom you love deeply.

That’s hard!

When someone is dying, it seems as though there is never enough time to be with our loved one. The clock ticks. We cherish our time if we have a good relationship and if we have not, we are scared we might run out of time to restore a relationship that has not turned out the way that we had hoped for and wished could have been different.

Anguish escalates in us as our loved one nears the end of life. The things you will miss about that person are not trivial, nor should they be taken lightly. For the sake of your loved one’s peaceful passing, those “missings” need to be talked about. They should be discussed for the sake of peaceful passing:

“I’m really going to miss you.”

“This is what I am going to miss about you….”

“These are things that I wish we had had together but didn’t…”

A faith foundation set on hope beyond this earth, a place to meet again will make dying easier. Why? Because we can be certain that we will have more time to love and be loved.

That’s often what all of us really want.





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