The Evolution of Rob

How one father remembers his son


I was taking a break and stopped in at our local pub. I had been working hard, preparing for some lectures I was to give and wanted a change of environment. I often write at the pub, so I sat down for a beer and pulled out my computer. A regular patron approached me and asked what I was writing about. (more…)

The Big “O” Perspective

And I don’t mean Oprah


Ovarian cancer. That’s the big “O” that I’m talking about. That’s what my first wife Pam was diagnosed with at age 42 and died of 5 years later. I think it’s the only cancer that guys can’t get but are hugely affected by relationally if they have a significant woman in their life that has been diagnosed with it. (more…)

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When you have cancer, you bring a different kind of Christmas gift.

And it's not what you expect!


If you have cancer, this christmas might be different for you than previous ones. And the gift you bring may be the most significant one that you have ever given. And it did come with a cost.

We had 5 christmas season with my first wife Pam following her cancer diagnosis.  And the present was her.

Another christmas to spend together and enjoy as  family and friends. (more…)