He Said It Was His First Flight…

I Looked for the Puke Bag!


He looked to be about 50 years of age. A farmer. As I sat down next to him, he immediately told me that this was his very first time on an airplane. I must confess I looked to see if there was a puke bag in the seat pocket in front of him….just in case.  “So how are you feeling?” I asked him. “Good,” he answered. “Excited!” he continued. I smiled. I hoped it would turn out well for him – and for me – and for the young girl in the window seat next to him whom he had also informed about his first flight adventure. (more…)

My Hero Growing Up

How Do I Want to Be Remembered?


I love Tom Lysiak. He was part of my growing up in Medicine Hat when he played junior hockey for the Medicine Hat Tigers.

He was one of my heroes. I followed him, cheered him on, and supported him. He should have won the Calder Trophy for Rookie-of-the-year over Dennis Potvin.  He had a better first year. (more…)

Do I Really Have to Listen to Your Music?

The Importance of Preference


I was at the pub the other day and a man came in and sat at the table next to me. He decided to play his favorite music on his iPhone – no headphones. It wasn’t music that I especially liked and it drove me crazy. Who likes being forced to listen to something that they don’t like? I found it quite disrespectful. But he kept on going with his playlist….forever! (more…)

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I Love You Every Day

In my years of experience, people wish they would have said more often: “I Love You”.

I-Love-you-cookiesIn my years of experience in caring for people following death, there are three words that people wish they would have said more often: “I Love You”.

In fact during that initial shock stage, when we are dealing with the immediate deep feelings of loss, often people have said to me, “I wish I could have said, ‘I love you,’ one more time, or at least that those would have been the last words that I had said to my loved one before they died.”

We make it a practice in our family to say those words every time we say, “goodbye”, whether it is after a visit or a phone call or as we finish up on a Face Time conversation. It always ends with, “I love you” … always. (more…)