Cancer Diagnosis

30 Tips To Help You Land On Your Feet


It’s practical, it’s realistic and it’s smart!
If there is a concise and easy-to-read book to help you land on your feet after a cancer diagnosis, this is it.

Rick Bergh offers his readers 30 short lessons with action steps for those recently diagnosed with cancer and their family members and friends – one a day for 30 days.

Cancer Diagnosis:
30 Tips to Help You Land on Your Feet
will give you:

  • Hope to face the future
  • Direction to empower your journey
  • Education to move your forward
  • Insight to make wise decisions

Far beyond a collection of good ideas, this book lays out 30 effective nuggets that bring results. Developed by Rick, a father of four, in his own personal journey with a wife who had cancer, his family courageously found ways to face their mom’s diagnosis and inspire friends and family to be a part of their significant journey.

Rick Bergh is a grief and loss counselor and an ordained Lutheran minister. His life’s passion is to write, speak and provide practical resources that really work when people are forced to go through transition due to loss.

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