Bringing Mom Closer

When Mom has died, Mother’s Day can be a sad day.

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Mother’s Day is an acute reminder of what we still miss when Mom is no longer alive on this earth. We celebrate – but it’s bittersweet. Joy mixed with sadness.

Strong memories capture our hearts and minds as we think about the love we shared. On a day when many gather as families, we also find ourselves shedding some tears as we miss her. It’s important to remember and bring Mom closer.

I look at my four children and I see their mother in them every day. They will be thinking about their mom today – a day put aside for everyone to reflect upon their mothers and express their gratitude.

How will we remember? How will you remember?

How will those who no longer have a mother on earth bring their mom closer?

Include your mom in your day…

  • Go the place of burial with flowers
  • Cook her favourite meal
  • Sing her favourite song
  • Share a story
  • Give a gift in her memory
  • Look through the family photo albums
  • Taking out an item of hers and talk about its significance

Share the following:

  • This is what I miss most about mom…
  • This is what mom would say to me today…
  • This is what I learned from mom that I have carried forward in my life…
  • This is what I am most thankful for about mom…
  • This is what I would want to say to mom…

It’s healthy to include your mom in this day. Yes, you might have a few tears, but you will also experience joy and gratitude as well.

You only have one mom. Celebrate her the best way you can by bringing her closer on Mother’s Day.


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