An Impactful New Year’s Day

5 things that can change any relationship from bad to amazing

Tell someone you love them

Is there a person in your life to whom you have not said these words in a while? Someone who really needs to hear them from you?

Tell someone you forgive them

Is there a person you have not seen for a long time but need to? Is the reason you haven’t seen them because of something that has happened in the past that has put a block between the two of you? Does your relationship with them need a fresh start?

Tell someone you appreciate them

Are there people in your life who are important to you? Have you ever told them why they are important to you?

Tell someone you believe in them

Are there individuals in your life whom you could empower through your words? Perhaps they need you to spur them on to the next important step in their life and need your encouragement.

Tell someone about an important lesson you have learned

Is there an important life lessons that you learned this year? Maybe it was as a result of misfortune or a wonderful surprise or careful planning – but it can help another person move forward in their life if you share it.

So often, people leave these actions until the last chapter of their life – if they have some days remaining – but I always wonder why that is. When you can make a huge impact on the relationships with those who are important to you right now, why not do it?



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